Friday, February 17, 2023

Project Quilt 14.4 A Novel Project

 This week's Project Quilt Challenge is to make a quilted item based on a novel you have read.

I decided to choose the last book I finished. I belong to a book group, I regularly read books from sources like Canada Reads, or the Giller Prize. However, I also love a good cozy mystery. So my book is "The Windsor Knot" by S. J. Bennett.

Our unexpected and intrepid sleuth is none other that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth! There is a murder in Windsor Castle and HRM thinks the investigators may have made some assumptions that aren't true. If you are a fan of a cozy mystery, this is a very good one. I already have a hold on the next one in the series from the library.

I spent a day pondering how I could make something that would best represent the book. The one thing I decided was needed was a handbag.

Queen Elizabeth was known for her handbags. She was never seen in public without one.  I found this article about her bags.

So, how do you make a designer knockoff in a week, from stash? By creating a representative art piece.

It is a flat bottomed zippered pouch with handles. I was going to do it completely in black, but there wasn't any in my stash (I must restock), so I chose something I thought looked designer, a gold print on black.

I used a Chanel style cross hatching. And I added this dashing fellow with a collar and tie, tied into a Windsor Knot!

Because it has been reported that Her Majesty had a sense of humour, and it was in my stash, it has Muppets on the lining.

Though not intentional, I think it is fun that Fozzy is waving at the bottom. 

I also added a lime green zipper with a zipper charm.

It is a calico cat in a teacup. After all, we are at Windsor Castle.

That is two zippered pouches for Project Quilt. I think my pouches are improving with this practice. In a couple of spots it wasn't completely perfect but I kept reminding myself that it is an art piece, a creative challenge, and I don't have time to sweat the small stuff. I am rather pleased that my finished piece is fairly close to what I had envisioned. And the kitty in the teacup was a bonus!

Special thanks to Bethany for her excellent tutorial on designing your flat bottomed pouch.

And of course, what did Her Majesty keep in her handbag? Click on the picture to find out.


  1. That's a fun theme, you have done it well! Don't forget to throw in the odd tiara or two.....

  2. Oh my! I loved the video! A great handbag with a Windsor theme!

  3. A great fun bag and I see you found something to hang your charm with. xx

  4. Love it! Makes me smile! Well done! Hey, Fozzie -- wavin' back attcha!

  5. Hey Kate. this is quite remarkable. How clever you are to create this all with linking to your book. I'd say this is a splendid contribution to that theme. Thanks for that link to Her Majesty's bags...I so loved her.

  6. A novel bag for sure! Love! Thanks for the links, too! :)

  7. Love the bag and she definitely had a sense of humor.Especially when she had tea with Paddington.