Friday, February 10, 2023

A New Sewist

 So, it was a delight to see this on my counter, this week

It always amazes me to see things blooming in the middle of winter, even if they are indoors. It is a grocery store orchid, in a plastic cup, next to the kitchen sink. We have had it for a number of years, and it occasionally decides to reward us with flowers. We have a second one, but it isn't very generous just now.

My favourite little boy came to visit yesterday. I decided that it was time for sewing lessons.

I think he did very well for his first try. Since he is the only one sewing, he can't compare his work to anyone else which makes him less likely to give up. Knitting will be next.

I finished my own hand sewing.

I am really out of practice. However, I will continue to turn this into something usable.

I spent some time working on my current lace shawl, though I kept having to rip back and do it over again, when I didn't count carefully enough.

As a more soothing meditative work, I went back to my sock.

The heel is turned, I'm in the home stretch. 

My found quilt has returned from the long arm quilter. now for the sleeve and the binding, then I will show you the finished piece. I also have a couple of purses to make, so today I was inventorying my supplies and wondering if I can make it all from stash. I have bobbins wound, so that is a start.

My four legged helpers were emptying the dishwasher the other day.

Emme was looking for anything that might have gotten under the lower rack. Mudd was checking that all the cup handles are pointed the same way, and that the cat mugs are right at the front. It is good that they do these quality checks. If I could just get them to dust.


  1. Mud and Emme, you are in the right place, just a little more hand work and it will be spick and span. Can you knit or sew as well as doing quality inspections? So lovely to have two of your own who will stay, a family is complete with their own feline or two.

  2. Haha - love the cat pics. Nice to get a youngster sewing, great start. A pretty flower and the sock wool is a lovely colour. How lovely that your orchid keeps on giving - I never had much luck with orchids, probably killed them with kindness! Did much better with the wild ones in our French garden. Have a good week. xx

  3. Miss Pookie refuses to help me with the dishes (no dishwasher), but she loves to take freshly-dried laundry out of the dryer. We both ignore the dust!

  4. What a pretty orchid! It's good to see that Mudd and Emme take their domestic duties they should, of course. My sons both worked on small tapestry kits when they were young, and also each made a latch hook pillow top - which I finished for them, of course. They had those pillows for years.

  5. It's always good to have helpers, especially in the kitchen :-)
    I also knitted, crocheted and sewed on the sewing machine with my grandchildren... the sewing machine of the youngest grandson got stuck. A bag is in the works :-) I'll have to help... :-))
    Your socks will be so cuddly - I like them.
    Greetings to you - I like your tulip too!!!