Friday, February 24, 2023

The Socks Part

 It has been awhile since I posted some socks here. When you call your blog Arts and Socks, socks should really show up occasionally.

So, my first pair of socks for 2023 are these.

The yarn was two balls of gradient yarn. They were intended to make a matching pair of socks. However, as I knit the first sock, I discovered that some of the colours were not going to be used for my size sock. I decided to knit the second sock from the other end. So, I have fraternal twins instead of identical. I have enough left for baby socks, maybe even two pairs.

The other day, when my favourite little boy was here, he got his socks wet. I pulled out a spare pair of his socks, but the ones I had were too small for him. So I grabbed a pair of mine and they fit.

I decided that he was going to need some rubber boot socks for spring, so I cast on a pair for him, using Stephanie Pearl-McFee's marvelous book Knitting Rules.  It is a recipe book, rather than a pattern book, so I figured out a pattern for socks in his size, and finished the first one yesterday.

I didn't want to finish it until I checked with his parents to make sure it was going to fit. We all agreed that this will likely work. Only then did I graft the toe.

For comparison.

His Nana has little feet and he is going to be tall like his Daddy, I think.

The second sock is cast on and has its cuff finished. No Second Sock Syndrome allowed. ( For non-knitters, this is when the first sock is finished but the second sock doesn't get started. I had a severe case at one point, until I learned to cast on the second sock before the needles get distracted by another pretty yarn.)

I have a wall hanging that I am binding, but Mudd had other ideas, today.

The quilt is under the yellow tablecloth, because I know he lays there. He has moved in for the afternoon, so no hand sewing today. The hibiscus looks good, though.


  1. Making fraternal socks, instead of identical, is a fun idea. Your hibiscus is very pretty against the snow outside, especially when decorated by Mudd.

  2. SSS, I have not heard that phrase before, but it would be so easy to have one sock done and the other languishing and not even on needles. Love your Hibiscus, My Mum and Dad were given a plant, probably the same beautiful deep red, for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. It grew outdoors all year round, yours is thriving there, with a handy companion.

  3. p.s. I come up as Anonymous, for some reason on some blogs I cannot sign in with my name, All Points of the Compass, or Jean/ Nancy.

  4. Nice socks - I love the idea of matching but not identical socks. Great boot socks for the youngster. xx

  5. You are one busy bee, but it is a beautiful pair of socks and I love the blue ones!

  6. You can't go wrong with the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe! I use it too! That said, methinks that you might need to knit a pair for that boy every 6 months in order to get enough to fit while he is growing!