Friday, April 14, 2023

Wild Ride

 I've always been convinced that spring doesn't actually arrive here until Easter weekend. It doesn't actually matter when that is. It was truly that way this year.

Last Wednesday, it was -2C and we had an ice storm.

This was the bird feeder, by mid morning.

This was our backyard, midafternoon. The pine tree was being pruned by the storm, and branches were every where.

The next day, we started to hear chain saws, many were still without power, and it was melting, making quite a mess.

During the storm, I finished some baby socks, commissioned by a friend for an upcoming baby shower.

Easter morning, it was warm (+8C) and sunny. The bunny left cupcakes for our extended family breakfast.

My grandson was invited to a birthday party for a couple of his classmates. The request was for Minecraft gifts. I had some Minecraft fabric, so I used it to make these.

Some stray police cars made the lining.

They have been filled with other goodies and are off to the party this afternoon.

Meanwhile, spring was showing off.

From ice to flowers in less than a week. Yesterday, we set a record for April 13, with a high of 26.8C. From winter to summer just like that, 

Emme was enjoying the breezes and the birds in her "Catio" yesterday.

She says if you are looking for her, she will be enjoying the sunshine. 


  1. Clean up time, firewood after some chainsaw work I am guessing. Love the bags, and the socks, hope that is the last bad weather for you. I lit our fire this morning, the heat pump doesn't quite reach to my laptop area. About 5C maybe.

  2. Crazy how the weather is behaving. Coming from South Africa, spring could happen or not. There you just know it could be winter today, spring maybe? Then 30C for the next nine months of summer. Trying to get spring bulbs to grow not a problem, trying to get them to flower even for a short time is a challenge. Love the fact that in spring here in Canada we get to see spring flowers blooming. Beautiful Minecraft bags and rainbow socks!

  3. You got hit much harder by that ice storm than we did. Crazy weather. I love how Emme takes it all in stride. Happy Spring!

  4. An ice storm looks and sounds horrendous! So glad things are warming up although I do worry when we get sudden changes of temperature like that. Great socks and perfect gift bags. Mmmm, cupcakes for breakfast! xx

  5. I hope everything is fine after the storms around Easter... you knitted cute baby socks... and the sewn bags are great. Yes, I also love making things, especially if someone else enjoys it a lot... you feel needed and that's good. Many greetings to you and the spring that awakens. Viola