Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Cat Quilt

 It is finished! I put the last stiches in the binding, today.

Okay, it isn't a great picture, but I have some better closeups and I promise to take a better picture once it is hanging on the wall.

This is the exact opposite to a squirrel. It started as a pillow panel, that I bought so long ago, I don't even remember when I started this. I did it as a stay at home round robin challenge that was suppose to be done in a couple of months, but took me much longer. (as in about 10 years)

This is the original pillow panel. Krista, the lovely lady that quilted it, did custom quilting around the cats. 

I had a fat quarter of the oriental-ish cat fabric, which I stretched to make the next round by using some pawprint fabric in the cornerstones. (See the paw prints in the quilting.)

This is the fabric I found while shoe shopping in upper New York state. It is a bigger print and it has bigger paws!

This is the fabric in the outer cornerstones, and the binding, found on that same trip to buy shoes.

This is the back, with even more cats (and purple).

It still needs a label, and somebody tall to hang it for me.

This is Emme, and Mudd, who are going to be very disappointed that their favourite spot to sleep on the dining room table is about to disappear, and become a wall hanging in the stairwell.


  1. Oh, that is fun! Emme and Mudd, what a wonderful quilt for you to admire!

  2. What a fun quilt and so colourful! I do love all the bright colours. xx

  3. Amazing quilt, it is beautiful!

  4. How great :-))) the planned cushion track turned out to be such a wonderful quilt... super nice work. I congratulate you.
    I don't think that the kittens have to wait long for the next cuddle on the table :-)))
    Happy Easter to you from Viola.

  5. How cute! Enjoy getting to admire it on your wall now :)