Sunday, July 16, 2023

A Fleegle

 I bought myself a Fleegle, recently. I really did need one (maybe).

This is a Fleegle. As you can see, it is loaded with beads, ready to knit.

This is the end with a tiny notch to catch the yarn.

To see how you use it, there is a YouTube video. 

I have been knitting a scarf and it has one bead every six rows. By using the Fleegle, I can make sure that the bead colours are assorted. I am still working on mastering the technique involved, but I don't drop the bead.

The scarf is called Gneiss Scarf, and I am nearly finished.

It is going to need some serious blocking. 😀


  1. Well - that's a nifty little gadget, for sure!

  2. A new gadget that is going to be so handy, I haven't heard of it before. Guess it will get a lot of use now.

  3. Well, now! That's an interesting gizmo. I've attempted beading my knitting...and let the attempt languish for...over a decade. I've also purchased a Craftsy class on the subject -- but haven't watched it yet. I applaud your initiative, but I'm still not motivated. Ah well... ;-)