Monday, July 3, 2023


 I seem to have forgotten to blog, lately. It has been hot, humid, and smokey here. I haven't spent a lot of time sewing. However, I've gotten back in the grove, sort of.

Last week, I put the binding on a quilt that a friend had made. She was unsure of the binding, so I did it for her, on the front side. She will do the hand sewing, herself.

I have a couple of requests for dog bandanas, so today I did a stash dive and came up with some suitable fabric. Since I serge my bandanas, it didn't take long to make 24 of them. It also used up 3 metres of fabric. There is space in the bins. I'm sure it won't last.

They are finished. Once the fray check dries, I will clip the thread ends and they can be off to their new homes, though I might keep a couple for Doug.

I noticed this on one of the fabrics.

I have no idea why manufacturers put this on cotton fabric. There are flammability rules for children's sleepwear. However, they don't say you can't use cotton fabric. They do say that cotton sleepwear needs to have close fitting sleeves and cuffs. When my kids were smaller, I made their pajamas because I wanted them to wear cotton to bed. I just added knit cuffs to their sleeves and legs. I think printing this on the fabric might just make a parent panic, 

Because today is a holiday in Canada, we had a fancy breakfast.

Waffles with Ontario strawberries, Nova Scotia blueberries and whipped cream made from Canadian cream, a patriotic breakfast. 


  1. Your breakfast looks really good! We have the same message on fabric - it seems that brushed cotton (which is called flannellette here) catches quite fire easily, and older houses used open fires for heating.

  2. I think Doug would like the one with cats and umbrellas!