Sunday, July 23, 2023

Another Lemonza

 I finished another Lemonza. I set out to make 3 and this is the second.

This one is summertime bright. The fabrics were chosen by the bag recipient. I gave her the pick of my cat fabric and these are the cats she liked best.

I think the black text fabric works well for the contrast overlays.

The interior is a Stonehenge fabric.

I changed a couple of problems I had with the pattern, but there are still a couple of things that I don't quite like with the assembly. I think i may need to try making a pattern of my own based and what I have learned so far. 

It is still a great little bag for everyday. It holds the things you need like your license and your cards as well as a bit of cash and your phone.

I have one more cut out from this pattern. After I finish it, I'll experiment.


  1. Great stitching...I like your bag.
    My fingers are twitching right away... but I already have so many bags...
    should I ?
    You did that beautifully.
    Many greetings, a happy Sunday evening and a happy start to the week for you.

  2. Oh - that is great fun fabric! Love it! Yes, the black text fabric is an excellent choice.

  3. Nice colourful finish Kate - I love the lining fabric. xx

  4. Very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing your innovated design.

  5. You have been very busy, dig bandanna’s. Definitely going to try make some of those. As for the bags, they look amazing.

  6. This is lovely, Kate. I love all the slots in the lining!