Saturday, September 30, 2023

Some Sewing is Done

 I have actually done some some sewing. My sweetie is travelling soon and his new tablet needed a case to protect it in his backpack. So, I looked through my scraps for something suitable. 

I think I've described my method before. I add an inch to the width of the tablet, and measure all the way around the length, then add about 2 inches for a flap. Then I check the size of the scraps and choose an appropriate scrap.

On a good day, I even have a binding scrap that matches. It was a good day.

I looked through those lovely threads that have been coming in my Aurifil Thread Labs, and chose a suitable one. Then I used my Hera marker to mark quilting lines, and quilted the outer fabric to a batting scrap.

This is Aurifil 28 wt in the needle and a very similar colour 50 wt in the bobbin. I like how it stands out and matches the cats' eyes.

Then I added a flannel lining, to protect the screen, and a piece of velcro to close the flap.

Blue Jays are very popular at my house, so I thought the Blue Jay fabric was a good choice. Finally, I added a binding, and had a very suitable scrap in my binding bin. Getting my sewing room organized has really helped make projects like this fast and easy.

The finished case, ready to hit the road. The tablet fits perfectly, and its new owner is pleased. We joke that I make cases like this for his electronics because they scream "My wife is a quilter, and I'll be in big trouble if I lose my device."

I had help taking these pictures.

Mudd is always so helpful. I think he has no idea how big he is now.

I have made good progress on last week's sock. We are now at the Muppet stage, when the heel is turned and the sock looks like a hand puppet.

I am linking to Sandra's DrEAMi link up.  Drop over and see what others have been doing.


  1. That is a fun case, and a fun sock. Mudd - you are getting to be quite a big boy, aren't you!

  2. Nice finish and great prints - wise to keep the cats and birds apart! Great sock coming along there. xx

  3. Would he be in big trouble for losing the phone or for losing such a beautiful case? Your socks almost make me want to pick up my needles again. They're beautiful too. And Mudd! Look how he's grown!

  4. "The Muppet stage" -- I like that!

  5. Your socks are so pretty, may I ask what yarn you are using?

  6. That's a fun tablet case! It's always nice to be able to make something useful for a family member!

  7. Mudd sure is huge! I love how cats just have to get involved with new projects from start to finish. And of course he's into the cat; it's feline fabric! One of these days I will try my hand at sock knitting. I've knit every other garment, including baby booties centuries ago and fingerless gloves, just need to get some yarn and a pattern (and some time).