Saturday, December 16, 2023


 Advent is defined as the season of preparing. I find my days have been filled with preparing lately.

In our tradition, the Advent candles, lit on the four Sundays before Christmas, are green, blue, yellow and red. This year, I found some cat proof candles, since setting fire to the cat is generally a bad idea.

I have LED candles that I can set to the colours. For Christmas, I will set out real candles, but these are much safer when I don't have anyone to guard them.

Many gifts have been sent. I can show you a few.

Two pairs of little socks were commissioned by a friend for her great-granddaughters. They are now on their way in Great Grandma's suitcase.

 The dog bandanas for this Christmas are in some silly fabric I found in my stash. My Christmas stash has been greatly depleted in the last few years, since I haven't been doing in person shopping.

I made this lace scarf back in the summer, and finally got it blocked. It is on the way to its new home.

This is a closeup of the lace border. The yarn is alpaca and silk in a lace weight, that was in my stash.

I was asked for a red hat, so this week, I made a red hat.

It is my favourite hat pattern, Bankhead. The yarn is Knit Picks Brava.

I did lots of baking to send to family that don't bake. For my baking I go for taste over appearance, so the shortbread is just rolled into balls and squashed with a fork. Add sprinkles and they look sort of Christmas-y.

We put up the tree, and Emme helped.

She really gets into her work!

I had a birthday and a creative friend made me this card.

It is very fancy, and very non-Christmas-y. I have gotten a lot of Christmas cards with Happy Birthday written in them, over the years. The colours in this card are more my style.

i hope to get some knitting and sewing done this week, The sewing has been lost lately.


  1. Happy Birthday! I have several friends with Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day birthdays and the unanimous view is that "Happy Birthday" in a Christmas card doesn't do the trick!


  2. Happy birthday! We give The One And Only Grandkid (whose birthday is coming up on Tuesday) two packages at two different times, one for each occasion. I'm sure Emme was the best help she could be.....and yes, singed cat is not a good idea.

  3. Nice gift makes. Happy Birthday! xx

  4. Those candles are awesome idea. Taste is always important over presentation. Have a good Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  5. Happy Birthday! :-) And "Bankhead" is one of my favourite hat patterns too. Blessings for Christmas and a happy, healthy, creative New Year.