Monday, January 1, 2024


Things have been very lethargic around here. We have been staying home, doing little jobs around the house. We had a family Boxing Day lunch with those close enough to be here. Other than that, we have been spending much of our time, not knowing what day it is, sitting by the fire, reading and listening to Christmas music seems to be our main activity.

I made a pair of fingerless mitts.

The pattern is called Point Edward Mitts, and you can turn the top cuff down over your fingers, so you have the advantage of fingerless mitts with finger warmers (and the thumb). The yarn is a discontinued baby DK yarn from Bernat, that was in my stash. I used a tubular cast on and cast off which I think made a nice finish.

I also made the first of a pair of mitts to match the hat on the last blog.

To go with these mitts, I made mitten clips, in hopes that fewer mittens will be lost, this year. As requested, they are Super Mario fabric.

I opened my knitting bag, yesterday, and found this.

It took a bit of work, and some coffee, but I ended up with this.

Ready for a future pair of baby socks.

Meanwhile, Emme and Mudd have joined our quiet times.

I hope your Christmas was peaceful as well. I'll be back later with my year end tally.


  1. Mitts are lovely, and thanks for the link. Emme and Mudd have a very good plan between them. nice and cosy.

  2. Lovely fingerless mitts and I have added them to my to do list - thanks for the link. Happy New Year Kate. xx

  3. We're feeling lethargic over here as well. Might be the weather. It's been raining from November, every single day and looks like it's going to continue in January. I'm a little envious of your knitting. I may have forgotten how to knit. I wanted to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves for free motion quilting but it looked hard so in the end I bought a pair from Daiso for 2 bucks.

  4. Cute fingerless mitts; I'd never thought about lengthening the cuffs at the top and thumb! Your yarn tangle looks like my kittens were visiting and had a field day! Hope you have a Happy New Year, Kate.

  5. I DO like those Point Edward Mitts, and the matching cast on and off is a very good idea. Looks very professional!

  6. It's nice to read that it was so cozy for you over the Christmas period... although I say, you did accomplish a lot. I like the glove that matches the hat...
    I also got out my knitting needles. I didn't knit for a long time because I was sewing a lot.
    Christmas was wonderful here with us.
    I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2024. All good wishes from Viola