Friday, January 5, 2024

A New Year and A Year Past

 This is my tenth year end summary. It is good to look back on what I finished over the past year. 


This is the shawl that I thought I would never finish, but I put a push on in September, and it is now done.

Mitts                   2
Baby Socks        4
Shawls                3
Hats                    4
Big Socks           5
Cowl                   1

I think there may have been a couple more pairs of baby socks that didn't get recorded.


Another project that was a long time in progress. This one is closer to ten years.

Quilt                    1
Mitten Clips        6
Bandanas            46
Masks                  2
Tablet Case          1
Shorts                   3
Zippered Bags      5
Purse                    3
Coaster                 4

As we move into the new year, I try to avoid setting goals and just try to stay creative. Christmas brought news of two new grandbabies expected soon for two friends, so I finished a pair of baby socks, last night as the first finish of 2024. I have 4 purses/bags that I want to make in the next couple of months. I have lots of yarn, and fabric. More socks will be knit, more bandanas will be sewn. Today, I will cast on the second mitt as a mate to the first one in my last blog post. 

I am also trying to be realistic about what I can knit and sew. Any quilts in the future are going to the long arm quilter, and I won't feel guilty about that. My knitting project will be those that fit into a project bag.  There are approximately 35,000 stitches in a pair of adult socks. Finishing 5 pairs is an accomplishment.


  1. I hope you do not have to count the stitches in each sock!! My tally for the year would be so much less than yours, it's always good to see what accomplishments have been made, started or finished. I, too, have heaps of fabric and a small lot of wool in varying thicknesses so hope to lessen the stash considerably in 2024.

  2. I haven't as many finishes as you have.....well done! However, I have hopes of finishing a few quilts this year - some of which are already in progress, and some of which are not yet started.

  3. Happy New Year! Goals or no goals, you made a great deal in 2023. Here's to enjoyable making in 2024!

  4. Well done on your finishes. The shawl looks lovely. I have 2 knitted shawls I started but never touched after the first few rows. This year for a change I'm making some goals.