Monday, January 22, 2024

January Freeze (Some Sewing Has Been Done)

 We have been having some very cold weather, so it is a good idea to stay in and make things!

A designer on Instagram is running a Saturday Sampler Bag sew along. She is using up scraps and I am following along. This was the first "clue". Take 5-10" squares and sew 4 of them together. These are my scraps. stitched together.

This week, we sewed up the sides and bottom and stitched the casing in place. I expect next week we will make the drawstring and thread it through.

I also did some mending.

The brand new fleece pants were too big through the waist, so I added casings and some extra elastic to bring them in.

While I was in my sewing space, I did a bit of planning. I found this combination that I think looks like it belongs together.

Next is prepping all the pieces (and finding a lining).

Cold afternoons are perfect for knitting by the fire.

I finished a pair of adult socks.

I made another Princess Charlotte hat. I think this is my sixth. They make such a great baby gift.

I played with some silicone tubing (the bright pink string in the picture). Laura Nelkin ( a knitting pattern designer) has been showing this on her Instagram, and I had to try some. The great thing about it is that you can use it like waste yarn, but you can put the tip of the needle into the end of the tube to transfer your stitches on and off the length of tube. This is a provisional cast on, done around the tube. I did this on the Charlotte bonnet and it turned out great. I also used it to hold the thumb stitches on the mittens I made.

You can buy it in small quantities on places like Etsy or you can buy 55m for about the same price. I now have a lifetime supply and I am giving pieces to my knitting friends.

Yesterday, I cast on yet another pair of baby socks.

They are like potato chips, I just can't stop!


  1. It looks great, watch the tutorial on YouTube. Now I have to start a project to use this tubing. Any suggestions?

  2. All such great ways to stay cozy!