Wednesday, February 7, 2024


 I've been asked to make a bag. I have an idea, based on a bag I've made before. However, the one I made before had a drop in lining, which meant a considerable amount of hand sewing, and I had a very hard time getting it flat. So, I went looking for another way to put in the lining. I found something I thought would work, so I decided to take some scrap fabric and a scrap zipper, and give it a try.

It worked! This is the zippered gusset for a bag, a stripe that will go all the way around the rectangular front and back pieces to create a box. This one is much smaller than the bag I plan to make but it proved that you can put the gusset into the exterior and the lining without ever having to hand sew. I also discovered that one doesn't want to use a one way print to make the gusset. 

The cats are going every which way. Good thing this isn't the actual fabric.

I also finished my January Saturday bag sew along on Instagram.

It would make a great gift bag, while using up scraps.

I started a new pair of adult socks, and I have been knitting on them, 10 rounds per day. It really goes fast, when you do that. Here is the sock on Sunday (just over a week after I started).

I should have it done by the weekend.

A friend lost her winter hat. I told her the best way to find it was to start knitting a new one. So, I did a stash dive, and she now has 2 hats. The lost is now found, and her new hat is finished.

This is the Palindrome hat, a free pattern on Ravelry.  The cables are reversible, so you can wear the cuff up or down.

The wool and the pompom were in my stash. I tied the pompom on with a button to hold it in place and make the pompom removable for washing. I found a cute button.

I was going to photograph the hat on a bear, but Mudd wasn't sure it was right.

Since he was the poster kitten for his rescue organization before he came to live with me, he thinks he knows something about photo styling. He was convinced the pompom wasn't quite right.

We still haven't seen much sunshine in 2024, so I am enjoying me floral display in the Conservatory (dining room). It is a joy to walk in and see the bright flowers.


  1. One way fabric isn't always the best choice......I like your knitting yarns! My brain is getting ready to start this year's knit in gorgeous green and blue yarn.

  2. Pompom with a button,what a great idea. That gusset, guess you open the zip to turn it out, no hand sewing would be my way to go as well.

  3. I love that sock yarn! What brand/colour way is it? (If that isn't a secret.) You're always so productive!

  4. I admire your skill with bags; I can make totes and project bags for stitching, but nothing that small and fiddly! Also, thanks for the hat pattern; "Palindrome" is a pretty one -- and I love cables!

  5. Nice hat and bag and the socks are making good progress. xx

  6. Just love how fast you knit beautiful socks and hats!

  7. I love sewing bags... from very small to large :-)))
    The hat is cute.
    The socks will be wonderful... that's how I do the heel too and it fits perfectly.
    Many kind regards to you.