Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Socks Keep Coming

 The weather has been crazy. We have had high winds, a power outage, temperatures going up and down. and despite it all, I have snowdrops.

I also have a new coffee maker, since the former coffee maker decided to overheat after the power outage. This coffee maker was a warranty replacement for another one that did a similar thing 3 months after I bought it. This one lasted about 2 years. I can't stand all that excitement, so I bought a different brand this time with fewer features.

The socks are coming nicely, at ten rows minimum per day.

The February pair were finished in February and they match.

The March pair are coming nicely.

The first sock is in the home stretch. This colourway is called Joy and seems right for March.

I was asked to make a bag for a man, in oiled canvas with a waterproof lining. I decided to make a trial bag, to make sure I understood what he wanted. So after overthinking this for a couple of months, I finally started the making. I am using a pattern called Celosia by Blue Call Patterns. It has a cross body strap and it should stand up when it is finished. I am currently using quilting cottons. It takes forever to cut all the pieces and fuse all the stablisers, but I am trying to do a bit each day.

Today, I finished cutting the fabric and started on the interfacing. I made a credit card pocket which isn't part of the pattern, but I find useful.

This is the lining of the outer pocket with the credit card slots.

This is the outside of the pocket. Just because it is a trial, I still want things to match.

Here is the strap and the zipper.

I'm pretty sure that the real bag will be boring by comparison.

It is Spring Break in Ontario, so I'm running Camp Nan for 3 days this week. I don't sew for myself on those days, but I do get some knitting done. 

Yesterday, we made peanut butter cookies.

When you are seven, even peanut butter cookies have sprinkles. After the first batch came out of the oven, my helper went off to eat cookies, and I finished the rest without sprinkles.

Emme and Mudd have their backyard friends back. One came right up to say Hi.


  1. Hello, Chippy! Love those bright sock yarns....and the bright fabrics for the bag. Does your little guy know about fairy bread? It's an Ozzie thing.

  2. Trial bags are good value, I have 2 that suit me so well. Visitors, wish we had some like that. Cookies, my Mum made our girls hundreds and thousands sandwiches when they stayed with her and my Dad. A real treat, nothing like that at home !!!

  3. Great socks and lovely fabrics for your bag. Always pleasing to get a good match on socks. xx

  4. Great socks! And I love PB cookies...sans sprinkles, thanks!