Monday, April 15, 2024

When Things Don't Go As Planned

 I haven't blogged in two weeks because things were not going as I planned.

It started with the Income Tax. I discovered that it was a bigger job than usual, due to some financial decisions we made. So, I needed to understand that portion. Mudd offered to help.

He isn't as much help as he thinks.

Meanwhile, we had to do some extra grandparenting we weren't expecting, which slowed down the tax preparation.

We had a couple of lovely afternoons, which may have distracted me further from bookkeeping.

We were not in the Path of Totality, for the lunar eclipse but it was close. Unfortunately it was also overcasr, with only brief glimpses. A young friend sent me this picture that he managed to catch.

I did manage to finish the first April sock.

Of course, Mudd was helping with the extra grandparenting.

He is assisting with a jigsaw puzzle by sitting in the box. Also not helpful.

The taxes have been submitted. The second sock is coming nicely. I have sewing plans for this week. Let's hope there aren't any more surprises.


  1. One good thing about not living in France is the annual tax return, always a nightmare especially when they changed the layout of the form and you couldn't just go by last years! I feel your pain. Great sock. Nice weather and grandchildren are always distracting. xx

  2. This sounds exactly what crazy things are happening in our house, especially with the computer. The sock looks good and the helper in the puzzle building has to be the best.

  3. Congratulations on filing your taxes... it's the same everywhere - a lot of work that doesn't like to be done.
    Good luck knitting the second's so great when a project can be completed.
    I'm looking forward to your sewing plans, dear Kate.
    A happy week for you - no surprises - just nice.