Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Knitting Your Troubles Away

Just to make our life more interesting, the water heater decided that it didn't want to heat water any more. Turns out, it had a flair for the dramatic, so it sent water all over, as it quit its job. Of course, these things always happen on a weekend. It is all fixed now but my brain seemed better suited for knitting last week.

The April socks have been finished, nearly a week early.

They are almost a perfect match. 

I made a collage of the first four months of socks.

Since I had some time, I made the second baby sock for the pair I started earlier. Unfortunately, I lost at yarn chicken.

I did have another ball of that yarn, so I used a bit of it to finish the sock.

Very grownup baby socks!

I am doing the Saturday Sampler Bag sew along for April. The steps are quick to do, taking about 20 minutes each week. Step three was finished today.

The left is the exterior and the right is the lining. I think it will be a cute gift bag. The fabric is a couple of fat quarters from my stash. I have no memory of where they came from. Time to use them up.


  1. Socks and bags, all a delight. The water cylinders, we had one leak at our previous home, a tight fit to get a new one in the same place, and this home, took the old one out just as it started to leak, Luckily not an explosion !!!

  2. Great socks for 2024 and nice use for those fabrics. xx

  3. Cute bag! Cute socks! Clearly your old water heater was disgruntled about something; sorry it took it out on you -- it deserved to be replaced! ;-)

  4. Great gift bags for all those beautiful socks. Love the baby socks!