Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Day After the Day After Christmas

Things are quiet around here today. Doug keeps hoping that a delivery truck will arrive with another parcel. We tell him there won't be any more, but he is still hopeful. The frig is full of leftovers. No meal planning required, today.  It snowed last night, and there is more on the way. It is a good day to do nothing.

A few pictures of what it looks like, today.

I bought my nativity set for our first house, many years ago. I found it at a craft fair. Over the years, a few animals have joined the scene. If you look closely, you will see 2 extra sheep, a bear and an elephant. I was thinking I need to add a sheep dog and a cat. I just need to find a couple on the right scale.

These guys share the shelf with the nativity. Three of them are electronic and sing and dance. One even has flashing lights. They were gifts from my kids, when they were younger and more full of wonder. They say something about how mature my children think I am.

I was sitting looking at the angel, this morning. I think maybe she had too much sherry, last night. As the mother of two boys, I wanted a very "girlie" tree topper, so she came home from the post Christmas clearances one year. The boys all approved.

I think the kittens may have OD'ed on turkey. I love the feet up in the air.

Meanwhile, I like to call this my "Catmas Cookie".


  1. Leftovers are so good, love the ornaments, but the gingers, my pick naturally. Our boy does exactly the same.

  2. Yes, your angel looks as though she may have had a bit too much Christmas can be as mature - or not - as you desire at Christmas, it has a way of bringing out the child in everyone!

  3. Love the kittens. The Navity is beautiful, where did you find it?It is perfect for the cold weather, those sheep looks woolly, with an extra layer to protect against any cold!

  4. The nativity scene is beautiful. How big are the figures? (inches tall, I mean) And why does a cat see every container as place to curl up? So cute.

  5. Great nativity! Yep, your angel looks tired after a wonderful Christmas.

    We, too, had lots of leftovers. Some we ate already, some went into the freezer, while others will be eaten over the next several days.

    As always, the kittens are adorable. That's exactly how I felt the day after Christmas. ;)