Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ready or Not!

I tried to keep the number of things I wanted to get done before Christmas to a doable amount, but life has a way of messing that up.

Social commitments, while enjoyable, cut into crafting time. I also had friends who needed help and I found myself unable to say no. Add to that the normal activities of the week, and I am fast running out of time.

The socks are finished!

It is amazing how much longer it takes to knit a pair of men's socks, then it does to knit a ladies' pair. However, I like how they turned out, and they need to get into the mail yesterday.

I got some baking done, though not as much as I had hoped.

Fruitcake hermit cookies, my own spin on a Canadian Living recipe.

Grand Marnier Pound Cake, a recipe from the early eighties. It needs to age for about a week, so it is right on time.

And my wreck of a dining room table.

That is my advent calendar, a gift from my kids. Lindt chocolate, they know me! The Advent candles, only one more to go! The rest of the table is covered with gifts, waiting to be wrapped. The dining room is the only place safe from kittens, since they haven't figured out how to get the doors open, yet.

I plan to bake more cookies, tonight, as well as make something for tomorrow's pot luck. Not sure what I am making yet.


  1. The socks turned out great! Lucky man, whoever he is. ;)

    Both the cookies and the pound cake look yummy!

  2. Hi,
    Love those socks, they look really
    warm and toasty. Have a great day!

  3. Socks, cake and biscuits, all looking so good. Don't fret too much, before you know it, 2016 will have arrived.

  4. I'm sure the new owner of the socks will love them! Those recipes look good too......I haven't done any Christmas baking this year.

  5. Love those funky socks! As for all the baking, I have not even started.

  6. You forgot to add that keeping up with your email buddies costs you time, too. However, I, for one, appreciate it. Love the socks!