Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finished...With Time to Spare!

I have been knitting madly, to get Christmas presents finished. I would like to thank my doctor's office, last week, who kindly gave me an hour and a half of uninterrupted knitting. Of course, the other people in the waiting room where not as thankful as I was, because they forgot their knitting.

Some of this was sent on its way, in a parcel, yesterday, and might even make it by Christmas.

Here are the pictures, with no indication of the recipient, lest they read my blog (although I don't think they do).

First some Peter Pan slippers.

Next, some lovely, soft, alpaca socks.

And a hat and mitten set.
Warm hugs for some of my favourite people.

Meanwhile, the girls and I have been doing some decorating.

Fluffy was a huge help.
I think we need a red ball over here.

Beanie preferred to supervise and enjoy the fire.
Beanie is too cool to help.
Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love from our house to yours.



  1. Lucky recipients! Hope they arrive in time. Lucky you to have such great helper cats!! Cute!

  2. Love your knitting, lucky family! I laughed about the Drs office, so true!

  3. I have been known to frown when called in too early or in the middle of a row to see my dentist..... Lovely wooly gifts, of course between helpful doctors and helping cats you must have oodles of time to knit ;-)