Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thanks, Heather, I think...

Heather, over at Books and Quilts, is having a link party for tree skirts. This reminded me that I have a tree skirt that I started a couple of years ago, but sadly, haven't finished. You know how it goes: you don't get it done before the tree goes up, then you are too busy to finish, then after Christmas, other projects take priority, since this one doesn't need to be done until next Christmas.
Here is my progress so far.

The rows are done, but not yet sewn together. Since the kids aren't home for Christmas, and there is just the two of us and the pets, I could probably finish this over the next week. After all, what else do I have to do except cook, eat, and knit (while watching Christmas specials). Then it would be done for next year, right.

There is only one tiny problem. I can't find the backing! I know I bought it, and it is from the same fabric line as the rest of the skirt (the skirt was a kit from Connecting Threads). Everything else is in the bag, even the scraps from the blocks, but the backing is MIA. Of course, I have other fabric I can use for the back, but if I do that the backing fabric will turn up, as soon as I finish. Then, what will I do with 3 m of fabric with snowflakes on it?

Meanwhile, there is a skirt under my tree that I bought at the Boxing Day sales at Canadian Tire when the kids were little. It is looking well loved. Here it is a couple of years ago with the Christmas foster cats.


  1. I know what you are saying about not finishing projects out of season I have several Christmas Tree quilts that should have been done years ago, but it doesn't seem a pressing issue in July. I'd really love to have them ready to hang, but somehow they always get pushed to the end of the todo list. Maybe next year....

    Thanks for joining in the tree skirt gallery.

  2. Pretty piece! I think there's a special place where all those 'lost' things hang out. Good luck finding it. And I guess you can read that in 2 ways. :)

  3. That is an interesting pattern for a tree skirt and would be very nice under future trees. Here's hoping you find that backing!