Wednesday, March 20, 2013


After playing with the Disappearing Four Patch, last week, I went in search of some fabric that might like to join the 3 blocks I had already made.

No surprise, I found lots of candidates.

Here are some of the volunteers.

These are the purples (I had a few!)

Some green and turquoise:
And some volunteers that may not make it into the quilt:
Early days, yet. Who knows what will end up in the mix.

Meanwhile, I was aided in my search by my very helpful assistant, Arthur.
I think he will be returning to the shelter later this week, to find a family to live with forever. I'll tell the shelter staff he likes to sew.

I finished a sock on the weekend, and have the second one on the way.
A friend was looking at them the other day and told me my socks were "kind of weird, but cute, a lot like you." I don't know, is that a compliment?


  1. Lovely fabrics, I do like the woven ribbon patterned one, in both purple, and green/turquoise!! The maybes!! Not so sure, but the patch pattern is lovely. Have I missed anything very important in our 3 week holiday away? Arthur, he will be much loved when he finds a new home.A friend told me, long ago, that a cat chooses their new home or Mum/Dad, not the other way round. Who knows??

  2. Ummm, Kate...I think you have more than enough for one quilt there :)
    Arthur is beautiful - look at that tail. It's a good thing we don't shelter kitties, I'd never be able to let them go.
    Beautiful socks!

  3. I will come up with something bright. Will let you know when it goes in the mail.

  4. I don't think your socks are weird at all. They're beautiful!!!

  5. Not only a compliment, but a very nice one too!

  6. Grand fabrics! they are becoming vintage as I see a few that are also in my closet -- time to get them into a quilt I think! And yes as Grandma Coco says, those socks are not weird at all, definately special!