Sunday, March 3, 2013

Virginia Bound

My church group receives donations of quilt tops from time to time. The donation is usually anonymous, leading us to wonder why the quilter failed to finish the piece. Sometimes we suspect the the top didn't turn out quite the way the quilter imagined, so the top was set free, to find a new destiny. A couple of years ago, a top arrived with no explanation (it was left, like a foundling, at the door of the church).
The group usually has 2 quilts on the frames, one for the excellent quilters, who can quilt in all directions, and in curves, and one for those who just hand quilt in straight lines. Some of the straight line crowd are beginners, and some (like me) don't really plan to get better than straight lines (I have a machine for that, after all). The donated top was put on the "Rookie" frame.

After quilting it all last winter, it was completed, bound, labelled, and today was commissioned to its new work. It will become a warm hug, from us, to the family that will live in a Habitat for Humanity home that a group from the church (young and old) will be working on during March Break, in Virginia.

Before it heads off, I took it for one more outing  in the snow.

I didn't have the exposure set right on the camera, but I think you get the idea. I know as we quilted on this one, there was a lot of discussion about how appropriate the gold border was. We were all sitting too close to it, because, from a distance, it looks great. The quilt is crosshatched down the middle of all the little squares in the middle, with the cross hatching extended into the floral blocks. The border is quilted with straight lines 1" apart, perpendicular to the edge. It has a flannel back and is about 64" square. A nice big hug, at that!

For the eagle eyed, that is one of my Moskoka Chairs, just peeking out of the snow, to the right of the quilt.  Yeap, the snow is about 4 feet deep in my back yard now. I almost wish I was going with the quilt, next week.

A closeup of one corner

Meanwhile, because the snow is still that deep, finishing my Frost Buster Mittens seemed like a good idea.

Don't they look nice! They are off to show and tell tomorrow.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt! I'll bet whoever started it would be pleased to see it finished so beautifully. As for the mittens....they are lovely. They're just the way I envisioned them.

  2. What a wonderful idea, to send a quilt for a new home. A lucky family indeed.
    LOVE the mitts, the colours are my favourite palette. I expect you will still have opportunity to get use of them this year!