Thursday, March 7, 2013

Serve Others

In 1915, the YWCA and other interested women's groups got together to organize an after school program for teenage girls. The girls wanted to help with the war effort, and the women's groups wanted to help them by creating a safe environment for the girls to meet. The group became called Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) and the group continues today.

I have been involved in CGIT since I was 12, and I am currently blessed to have been asked to be the Resource leader for the group at our church.

The CGIT purpose (written in 1915) says the among other things,
As a Canadian Girl in Training, it is my purpose to: ...
Serve Others...

The group asked me to help them make a banner on the theme of Serve Others. We brainstormed last fall, and last night, we started creating.

Sixteen hands, two for each girl in the group and one each for the two leaders and two resource leaders.

I am going to turn each one into a mini quilt, and bring them back in 3 or 4 weeks, so they can embellish their hands. I am going to add 4 more blocks with hearts on them, so they can add the names of the people who have helped them this year, along with a centre section with the words Serve Others. We plan to have our work of art finished by the end of year banquet.


  1. I did not realize there were still CGIT groups still around! I was a leader in the mid eighties but moved from that town and have not discovered any in the areas that I have lived in since...Great to be able to give like that...

  2. What an interesting group. You are certainly helping them make a lovely group project!