Sunday, March 10, 2013

Old Friends and New Joys

When I was 5, my parents moved us to a small town, thinking that it was a good place to raise their ever growing brood.

I soon met another little girl, at Sunday School. She informed me that she was 6, and I was awed by her obvious maturity. Due to the arbitrary rules of the school board, we went to Grade 1 together (and because it was a small town, all the other grades, until Grade 12). We went to summer camp together, and we lockered together in High School. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

Although we now leave 7 hours apart, but we are still good friends.  Anyone meeting the pair of us would wonder how we ever became friends, since we seem to have little in common. She neither knits, nor sews, and she can't even fathom the quilting. Her mother did all those things, and I think it was a small act of rebellion, that she never learned.

She became a Grandma for the very first time, in January. Since I knit a sweater, some years ago, for my friend's baby, I wanted to knit a sweater for her grandbaby. Grandma picked the yarn, and the pattern, and I provided the skill.

The pattern says that it is size 6 - 9 months, but I think it will fit Baby next spring, unless she is much bigger than her mommy was.

There is a shower for the new baby next weekend. The sweater is heading out tomorrow, to add to the pile of gifts, since I can't be there.


  1. Great colours in that yarn. I have not idea still about sizing for younguns. some things seem to fit for ever and others for only a few days. I figure that if you make large, they'll grow into to it.

  2. Kate: Thanks for the great sweater for our granddaughter Vivian. It looks great and I know Vivian and her Mommy will love it. As they like to go out for walks, I know this sweater will get lots of use. You are a "great friend" and I am glad I met you so many years ago. Although, we live a 7 hour drive from each other, I know you are always there when I need you. Thanks again.

  3. You found the perfect buttons!!! Lovely sweater. Here's to great friends.