Sunday, June 16, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...

I was a fan of Monty Python when I was in university (can you tell).

Sometimes, an opportunity presents itself, you something pushes you to grab it. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I needed a new bra. I went to the store and came home with something that sort of fit (but not really). A couple of days later, I get a newsletter, from my favourite fabric store, announcing that Johanne Brousseau would be teaching a 2 day workshop on making a bra. She promised that when you were done, you would have a bra that fit and a pattern and supplies to make a second (speedy sewers might even get their second bra well on the way). The workshop was expensive, but I would get 2 bras that fit...I talked it over with my partner in all things. He asked how much bras cost, guessing they cost about $20. I had the pleasure of informing him that he wasn't even close. He thought that maybe it would be worth it.

So I worked for 7 hours on Friday, and about 6 hours on Saturday, and this was the result.

Okay, that is a shot of the pretty neckline elastic.

Here is the whole thing.
It doesn't look that special, but it fits, the straps stay where they are suppose to, and nothing pinches.
This is my "training bra", because I got to make my alterations on it. Who knew that my straps were falling down, because they needed to be moved 1/2 " closer to the centre? Who knew that one side of my body was a completely different size that the other side?  The sewing is far from perfect, and the design leans toward function instead of beauty, but who is going to see it, any way? I am just thrilled with the fit.

I have my second one cut out, but it is going to be sewn more slowly, probably just one hour at a time. However, I expect it will go much faster, because the learning curve is not quite so steep.  I need to get started, because I am not sure I ever want to put on the commercial bra again.


  1. A bra where the cups don't overflow, now that is a dream. I have a hard time finding one that is tight enough around but with a big enough cup. I have sewn some lingerie, but not bras. I think slips are so economical to sew.

  2. A twenty-dollar bra? I am rolling on the floor laughing. Looks like it was money well invested. The stitching on your 'training bra' looks very professional. You're just full of surprises!

  3. I knew that about the sliding straps, my mother taught me that while I was still a teenager, so I would alter the straps if necessary. But now, I only wear sports bras and rarely that... I just decided I hate brassiers so only put them on if I have to be in public! Then I saw a show recently that said, that bras actually make your muscles weak because the bra does all the work... Down with Bras - roast them on the bbq! hahaha

  4. brilliant - a bra that WORKS : ) Good for you!!
    ps-thanks for linking up to TN&TN!
    : )

  5. LOL Susan Being Snippy !! Lets burn our bras ! let's get back to Women's Lib !
    Funny, I was just thinking yesterday that I need to find a bra that goes on like a jacket and zips up the front ... no wires, no hooks ... my elbows and shoulders just can't take the struggle to get one on anymore ! I shall start looking tomorrow.

  6. oops forgot to say ... great post Kate !

  7. Wow. Making your own bra. I've sewn a lot of different things over the years, but never a bra. I once got ambitious and made a few different swimsuits, but couldn't get the underwire top to work properly. I wore the tanktini with different bottoms a lot though. Good for you for tackling such a thing.

  8. Did you take this course at Brampton Sew and Serge? John just serviced my machine this week. I've seen the flyer for this bra making course but have never really checked it out. This may be the kick I need to 'go for it'. Thanks for the informative post.

    1. No, I took the course in Ottawa. Give it a try, it is lots of fun.