Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Summer Project

Yesterday, I started what I plan to be my summer fun project. Inspired my visit to the Hilary Rice show, a few weeks ago, I am starting my own art quilt project. I am using one of Hilary's kits, that I purchased at a quilt show, a couple of years ago.

So, here is my start , tracing the pattern on to stabilizer.

As you can see, my light box is a patio door.
Next step: Making the backgound.

Meanwhile, a friend is planning to downsize her home and she was told by her staging consultant that she needed a table runner. I happen to be an expert at quick table runners, so I made this one.
It still needs a backing and some quilting. Perhaps later today, I can get to that.

As you can see, spring has finally come to our yard. Behind that chair is the garlic crop! Garlic scapes will be ready soon.

Isn't the spirea lovely this year?

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  1. Your design looks cool! Can't wait to see where you take it!

  2. The Summer of the Art Quilt! I love it!