Monday, June 3, 2013


I do not like Captcha. You know that swell thing that makes you type random letters or numbers in order to prove you are human. I have been having some minor "age related" vision problems lately, and my ability to see the magic words has gotten worse. Some days it takes me multiple tries to get it right.
So, I was humoured today to see this item on the BBC web site:
Blind Federation Criticises Captcha Security Test

So, I will not be subjecting you lovely readers to a Turing test, and I will live with any spammers that come along.


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  1. I just switched my blog back to no Captcha test. It was such a great security screener, that virtually no one got thru. :( However, within a few hours, I was getting those spam messages again. The good thing is that Blogger's very handy at weeding them out. They never show on the blog. They just get delivered into my email box where only I get to see them. Sometimes they're actually funny.