Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DaGMT 26 - A Bit Of Fun

I missed a few days of my twenty minute challenge. I didn't seem to be in the mood to do anything but knit. At least I did something creative.

Today, I seem to be back in the groove. A friend is having an un-birthday soon (immediately following her birthday), so I decided to make her something, to mark this auspicious un-occasion.  If you don't buy anything, I think you can count it as an un-present.

So, after a small amount of stash diving, I produced this.

From the picture, they look kind of like fabric toast. However, I am hoping they will become cupcake oven mitts. I just need to "ice" them.

I finished the second clue in my mystery knit-along, on Ravelry, called Me and You.

My cable is 40" long, but it still seems to be short for the size of this shawl, so it is hard to see what it will look like. I like the way the grey and red are working together to make a nice contrast. Three more clues to go.

Meanwhile, we have a new little girl staying with us, until she is ready for adoption. She is very shy and came to the shelter as a stray so she doesn't have a name yet.
She was hiding when I took her picture, so you can't really see how lovely she is. We are considering names for her. So far, we have Shyrose, Ramona, and Harriet. There seems to be a strong Beverly Cleary theme for some reason.


  1. Grey Puss is truly lovely, soft, looking so gentle, and the right name will just happen. Mitts and knitting, that is a lot of productive hours. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Kate, as lovely as your projects are...the kitty is just beautiful. She has an Audrey Hepburn aura - so special. I would love to welcome her to our home - I wish I could. I truly do not know how you can part with these incredible cats come adoption time. You have a very big heart.

  3. Those are nice colours you use for your knit. I just adopted two cats and somehow didn't use any of the names I had collected for that purpose, perhaps because I had specified perhaps a fixed adult and my daughter made me get two very un-fixed kittens .....

  4. Cupcake oven mitts, what a great idea. I can't wait to see how you frost them. I love the grey and red for the shawl. Learning to knit is on my wish list (it's a very long list). Your foster is a darling, I can see it in her eyes. I would also like to say "THANK YOU" for being the kind of person, who is willing to foster a stray. It takes a warm and giving heart to do, what you're doing.