Sunday, February 9, 2014

DaGMT - Day 9 One Down

I have managed to sew everyday, except yesterday. Not bad!
Here is the result of this weeks effort. Each section takes about 15 minutes to complete, so I am averaging 2 per day.

Polly's Posie in Purple. I am hoping that it will look a bit better, once the paper is out (yes, that papers are still in it, until I sew on the corner blocks.) It is really hard to sew through the centre with all the paper in place.

Meanwhile, the Olympics give me lots of opportunity to knit.
I finished my Pussy Willow Socks.

As you can see, I haven't managed to sew in the ends yet. My camera was also insisting that the yarn is blue, when it is actually Lilac. The second picture shows it better.

With the Olympics coming and a scheduled doctor's appointment, I cast on a new pair of socks on Monday. I am making good progress, thanks in part to the 50 minute wait at the doctor's, and my enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding.
A simple K6 P2 rib in a yarn that is purple, navy and dark teal. The picture just can't capture the colour. I am nearly finished the heel, so I should have it done by the end of the week.


  1. Nice block. I'm sewing with purple this week as well. Not a colour I use all that often, but a bunch of scraps were sitting and calling to me. I'm trying not to start a new knitting project as I've a crochet afghan I really want to get done.

  2. By the time the Sochi games are over, you will have socks galore. Lovely colours for each pair. Here, the games are on our TV, from 11p.m. to 6 a.m., then on Pay TV ( Sky) 7 p.m. to early a.m., I am so enjoying what we see, Cheers from Jean

  3. Your socks look great! I get too anxious watching the Olympics to do anything- if I tried to knit socks while watching they'd be a disaster. Actually, if I tried knitting it'd be a disaster so... Make sure to watch the 4-man bobsled, my friend Dave is completing for Canada!

  4. Love that you have actual socks and actual art in this post. :)

  5. Love your socks and your block! I agree - by the time you are working on the centre seams - things are pretty tough going - but yours looks great!

  6. Hi!
    Love your socks, they looks so warm. Have a great day!!

    Food for Thought

  7. Nice block, and interesting socks!