Thursday, February 20, 2014

DaGMT - Day 20 Some finishes

My husband wanted a case for his Kobo. Since the stores are asking $40 for Kobo cases, I said I would make one. Since it took me about 5 hours to complete, I don't think I am valuing my time very well.

I let him pick the fabric from my stash, and I love his choice.

Poor Kitty ended up with Velcro across his face!
I added a little designer label.

I also finished the first clue in my mystery Knit Along.

I think the texture is very interesting. I can't wait to see what comes next. Next clue arrives tomorrow, about noon.


  1. The case came out great -- and so much nicer and more personal than one bought at the store.

  2. First time is always a little slower, I can see these coming off the production in all lovely fabrics. I made some microwave bowl holders, first one was so slow, then I did lots together, all the darts, then all the seams, then all top stitching, and they seemed to be finished so fast. The pattern is at " Tamarack Shack" or Linda showed one on her blog, she is on my side bar list at Razzle Dazzle . Cheers, Jean.