Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Kobo Case

Back in February, I made my husband a Kobo case. His Kobo is actually an Android tablet, which means it can be used for lots of things besides reading books.

For example, cat games!

Here is Grayson, playing a cat game for the tablet. If he catches the dot, it explodes and "Meows" at him. He loves it.

I decided that I was missing out on the fun, so I got one of these Kobo's of my own. Then I needed a case.

Here it is, made from scraps from other projects. Recognize some from the Radiant Purple runner?

Of course, it had to have a cat on it, and a bird on the other side to entertain the cat.

I used some of the fancy stitches on my machine to quilt it.  There is lots of purple and fuchsia in those scraps and in the thread.
Best of all, when I finished, it was a perfect fit. I am told it looks "a little feminine" , so I guess I don't have to worry about him taking it if he can't find his own.  I like the design so I am thinking of trying a clutch bag  in a similar style, next.

We had heavy rains yesterday and it was cloudy Monday afternoon.  I was doing the quilting and having a hard time seeing what I was doing. I was blaming the weather, until it finally dawned on me, yesterday afternoon, that the light on my machine had burnt out. I pulled the bulb, and my sweetie found a replacement in his collection of stray auto parts. Problem solved!


  1. Love that purple, and why not let it be " ladylike", all your very own. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Very beautiful, and I agree that the "femine" colours might keep hubby away, always good. I might need to get one to entertain my cats.

  3. looks great. The added embroidery is a nice touch.