Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitty Bean

While wasting my time, browsing Ravelry on the weekend, I found a pattern for a Kitty Bean.

Since I have lots of tiny balls of sock yarn, I decided to give it a try. It was a cute, quick project (though you have to enjoy knitting teeny things).

I didn't put a face on it, because I made it for Grayson.

He hasn't figured out what it is, here.

A few minutes later, he decided it was something to play with.
I think it's a hit!

I bought myself a treat today.
It's a rolly bag for my sewing machine. They were on sale at Fabricland, and quilt retreat is coming. I'm ready to roll.


  1. lovely treat. but I would call it a "necessity"!!! Grayson is one beautiful boy, and a softie suits him so well. Hugs, Jean.

  2. I like projects that I can start and finish quickly. \I thought this was an easter egg at first. now that wouldn't have been cat suitable.

  3. Every kat needs a kitty bean! great use of bits of yarn and bits of time! I have not bought myself a treat in a very long time, wish I saw the rolly bag or I woulda got one too...

  4. Fancy cat, that! I just take little yarn balls, sew through them a couple of times with the end which I then crochet into a tail. My cats are very good about killing them in remote corners ...