Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Work Gets In The Way!

I got my very own Kobo, last week. So I started to make a case for it. I made a case for my sweetie's Kobo earlier this year.

I took some of the strips I was cutting last week and added a few other scraps. However, people keep expecting me to work at what they want done, instead of letting me have fun. So I haven't gotten very far.

I am not sure I have exactly what I want yet, so I thought a picture might help me figure out what isn't working. I am not happy with the first and third strip from the left, but I don't hate them either. Maybe I just need to switch them. I will leave it until tomorrow, and look at it again.

Meanwhile, I started a shawl back in the fall. My Ravelry Project page says I started it September 29. At some point, I made a mistake, put a safety line in and ripped it back. Then I put it in the corner to think about what it had done! Last week, I picked it up again, figured out what was wrong, and started back at it.

It is called Glitz at the Ritz, and is from Knitty, First Fall 2013.

It has hundreds of beads, literally!
I probably should have put it on a darker background, to show off the beads, because they are silver lined clear beads.

It is now a race to see if I can finish it, before the nice weather. How is that for optimism?


  1. Super knitting, love those tiny beads. And your fabrics, I like them, is it because the paler floral one is wider? And why not one for your self too. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Love your knitting with the beads! Very pretty. Love the fabric strips!

  3. The third strip from the left does stand out from the others.

    Did you have to string all those beads onto the yarn, or were they already there? It looks very pretty. Last night I sat and wove in ends on three projects that have been sitting at that stage for far too long. One was a sock that needed the toe grafted. I hate doing the Kitchener stitch and have finally figured why. I just never made sense to me. I am left handed and was following right handed instructions. Last night I decided to do it left handed without instructions, just following my instinct of what a knit stitch looks like and it went very well. Hubby now has two socks. yippee.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  4. That's a lovely shawl-so glad it's better behaved now!

  5. Hi!
    Beautiful knitting! Love all the beads. The strips are nice, but to me the third from the left stands out, maybe because it's wider or a floral print. Have a great day!!

    Food for Thought

  6. Your stripes look just fine to me, but things I don't like have a tendency to get cut up, often on the bias, and sewn together in a different order. That technique at least makes things interesting.
    Your shawl looks lovely, the beads are visible but not over-blinging it. Wrap it up in Christmas paper when it is finished and you have a present for yourself ready to put under the tree.