Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Good Week

Sometimes, I feel like I am getting nowhere and some weeks, I have a bunch of finishes. This week has been a week of finishes. I even have the taxes finished.

On Saturday, I finished my Princess Charlotte Bonnet.
Yesterday, I finished the lace socks I have been working on all winter.
My Polaris Bag, which is the Marc Bag of the Month needs only some hand sewing on the lining and the strap attached. The strap was make very early in the process.

And the icing on the week, Crocuses!

We had snow on Monday morning, and these appeared in the side yard, today.


  1. The bonnet is lovely, the bag super, and flowers in your springtime, indeed icing.

  2. You have flowers! We don't, last of the snow is melting. Love all your finishes. Especially the socks!