Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Around the "Block" Again

The problem with blocking a shawl, is that there are a bunch of other tasks that need to be done, before a shawl can be blocked. First and foremost, one needs a clean sink. And while one is cleaning the sink, might as well clean the rest of the bathroom... I think you can see where this goes.

So, my bathroom is spotless, now, and my Fracture shawl has had a spa treatment and spent the night, restrained on the blocking boards.

I think the next time I see them, I need to invest in another set of boards. I could really have used another 2 feet of foam to block on for this shawl.

I freed the shawl from its bonds, this morning, and took some pictures while there was still a bit of sun.

One point escaped its pin, so it looks a bit stunted. It just adds to the handcrafted appearance, right? If I remember, I might fix it the next time I am blocking something.

A closeup of the lace. The shawl is a wool and silk blend, in lace weight and it feels like a wisp of smoke now that it's finished. I like the pattern, it was very well written and she even included blocking instructions at the end.

The pattern is Fracture by Clare Slade. The yarn is Cascade Yarns Forest Hills. My shawl used about 540 m.

I needed something simple for my next project, so I am knitting a Princess Charlotte Bonnet.

It is coming nicely. I remembered a video I had seen a few weeks ago, showing how to use a piece of waste yarn to make it easier to pick up stitches. Of course, I didn't remember until part way in.

My Polaris Bag is progressing, slowly. I completed the lining.

Completed Lining
Inside of the Future Bag
I have the piping on the exterior pieces.
Thanks to Bethany for her great tutorial on piping. It saved me a lot of grief.

The next part involves attaching the sides to the exterior. I think I am avoiding that part! There is snow on the way, so I might have time this afternoon to give the next part a try.



  1. Hi Kate,
    Your Shawl is Gorgeous! It looks so delicate. Love the bag your making it's really pretty. Have a great day!

  2. Your shawl is lovely. I going to try a small one now that my socks are finished. I have a hard time with blocking, the foam blocks look like a great idea. I\ll have to find some. Thanks for sharing that photo.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday

  3. Polaris is going to be great. I love the interior fabric. You blocked shawl, while beautiful, seems to be missing something. Why isn't there a creature sprawled over it? I can't seem to put anything on the floor without Cassie taking it as an invitation to recline. Was Doug just too busy with other pursuits?

  4. Gorgeous Shawl! LOVE it. Might have to get started on one of these myself......someday ☺

  5. Love the shawl. Those bags is coming along quickly!

  6. Beautiful shawl. The colour is fabulous. I can see why you would need something easier after all that pattern work. Not that the bonnet looks easier, lol.