Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Polaris - March Bag of the Month

Spring seems to be here to stay, so I was able to take my pictures outside, today. Not a snow bank in sight.

I liked the look of Polaris, when I saw the pattern. However, I followed the pattern, mostly as written, and I struggled with it.  However, after stitching and restitching the lining ( a total of 4 times) I am going to declare it done!

You can see that it is a small bag. I am pretty sure that all my "stuff" wouldn't fit into it.

I fussy cut the fabric for the front and that back, so they are identical. I am pleased with how the colours are all going together. Not bad for stash diving.

This bag was made entirely from my stash. I didn't purchase anything, specifically for this bag.

The inside, with a zipper pocket, credit card slots and a slip pocket. The credit card slots are the only modification I made and I used this tutorial.

I think if I make this one again, I would add a couple of inches to each dimension, and use fusible fleece instead of Soft and Stable foam. I think I might also either make smaller piping or leave it off altogether.

The pattern is part of the Bag of the Month Club patterns. The individual patterns will be available for sale, after the end of the program in June.

Now, a couple of Spring pictures.

I think my forsythia is going to bloom by the weekend, if the weather stays warm.

My grandcat, Alby, has a touch of spring fever, I think. Either that, or his dad has been letting him watch Spiderman.


  1. We had a kitten named Superman for a reason, because of the way he could move. Way to go Alby! Snow can do this to a person/cat. Glad to see some buds, only noticed a few on our walk this morning.

  2. Alby, is he clinging to the screen? I am sure there will be cat claw scratches there. Lovely fabrics for your bag, and spring blooms, here we had another 4C start to the lovely day as it warms up again.

  3. Love your bag, even though it's a bit small! Alby seems to have developed spring fever, for sure. You're seeing signs of spring while we are finally cooling down......still no rain, though.

  4. I really like your bag. Very pretty. I think the piping makes it look very professional. I had forgotten how cats like to climb screens. Alby looks like a going concern.

  5. nice bag. The piping looks really well done. I've not made any myself,as I am kind of afraid of it getting wrinkly or gathered.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.