Saturday, November 5, 2016

For the Kitten Fans

As I am sure I have mentioned, here at Arts and Socks, we run a Resort and Spa for under weight and sick kittens (and adults, too). We are currently fostering our 166, 167. 168, and 169th fosters. Since we have 4, I haven't managed to get a picture of all four, so here are a couple of shots from this week.

It's hard to get a picture of an all grey kitten.

Tabbies are much easier.

You can tell the weather was really dull this week. Such is November.

Meanwhile, my friend Cheryl, another cat lover, has created a calendar for 2017, The Year of the Cat.

Here is a taste.

The proceeds from her calendar are going to the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. Don't you need one of these lovely calendars?

If you hop over here, you can see all the pictures and find out how you can order your own calendar.


  1. Grey and Tabby, both lovely, And the calendar, what beautiful colourful quilty kitties Cheryl designed.

  2. That little grey brought back memories of my kitten pal when I was a youngster. Tommy his name was.

  3. What lovely kitties! Many many many years ago we had a grey and white cat......she was a real sweetie.

  4. Thanks for sharing the calendar, Kate! The little grey guy at the top of your post looks like he should be saying, "Hey, there", in Gian Ghomeshi's voice. :)