Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Still More Baby Things

Monday, I threaded my serger, cut some flannel and made 6 large receiving blankets. I used  my serger all the time when I was doing more garment sewing, but I don't find it very useful in bag making. Luckily, somethings stick in the brain, so I had no problem figuring out how I wanted to do these.

I round the corners on my receiving blankets because I don't have to stop as I go around the edge. I also find that they always fray at the corners first, so the rounded corners prevent that, too.

The observant might have realized the picture only shows 5 blankets. The sixth one is here.

It has already been tested for softness.

I made a Newborn Vertebrae sweater from some Sirdar Snuggle. It still needs a couple of ends woven in, but it looks very good. It is a fast and easy pattern for a new baby.

This morning, they replaced the locks on our community mail boxes. The original locks were susceptible to freezing last winter, so they are testing a new design.

It is a big job, but fortunately we provided a couple of volunteer supervisors.

 You are welcome, Canada Post.


  1. "You're welcome, Canada post" -- hahahahaha!
    I love that sweater. I want one in me size!

  2. Maybe the mail boxes need a roof over them, and that way they don't freeze. Down here, I have heard of hunters going back to their vehicles and the door locks have frozen. And body fluids have had to be used to unfreeze them!!! Guess you don't want to see anything like that out your window. Lovely blankets and wee sweater.

  3. About time they got those boxes fixed. Last winter was a disaster!

  4. I have made towels for my husband's use at lawn bowls - a much much smaller version of your blanket - and yes, rounded corners are the way to go! So glad to see the postal service being supervised, they wouldn't do near as good a job without it.

  5. That baby is going to be all set! Nice sweater and cute animal patterns on the flannel. What's the ETA of this little one?

  6. Sweet baby sweater, and good idea to round the corners on the "bunny rugs", that's what we call them in Aus!
    I too used to get lots of use from my serger when I made everything I wore but now I buy clothes and only sew quilts! Once in a while I drag out the 30 year old Bernina serger but it gets little us these days. However I will keep it because when I need it I have it, LOL.

  7. I love that your house has windows at just the right height for your inspectors. :)

  8. I too want that sweater in adult size.

    The blankets and sweater are lovely!

    -- Leanna

  9. i bought myself a new serger in December and am looking forward to getting it out of the box. I am planning to make some chemo caps for donation. should be good for practise as I hadn't used my old serger for several years.