Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What I Did on My Vacation

As I noted in my previous post, the weather on Retreat weekend was cold and grey. I realized on Sunday morning that I had no idea what the view was from my room, because it was always dark when I was in there. I popped back after breakfast to get my weekend bag, and took this picture.

I had a view of the St. Lawrence River, and this was the first I saw it. Of course, sewing until 10:30 at night might have had something to do with it.

I made a QUILT! I started Friday afternoon with flat fabric, and had it pieced, quilted and bound on the front side by Saturday night.

I sent this picture to my husband, and he had the idea that it was about 16" across.

Surprise, it is actually 30" by 36".  The pattern is Fancy Fox II by Elizabeth Hartman, and this is her gigantic block. All the fabric is from my stash. A visitor to our quilting room, from another quilt retreat told me the quilting was beautiful. Thank you. I was kind of stuck on my mistakes.

I also made a clutch to match last week's diaper bag.

It is Clematis by Blue Calla and is a free pattern. It is laying on the back side of the quilt.

I also made 3 bandanna bibs, from my scraps.

They still need snaps at the neck.


  1. Everything looks wonderful to me, and finished, that is the best part, to take it home, and hang it up for all to admire.

  2. That's a beautiful quilt. Don't you just love when you can get a project done quickly. Your little zippy pouch and the bandana bibs are super cute too!

  3. Love the quilt - is it for a Special Person? The person who is getting the bag and the bandanna bibs, perhaps? What a gorgeous spot to spend a weekend, even if you didn't see it!

  4. I love the fox, the blue is not a colour I was expecting, it works beautifully!

  5. That fox quilt, and the fox fabric, are killing me with their cuteness!

  6. I'm sensing a theme. Love the fox quilt!! Yep, when I first saw it I assumed it was a quite small. Hope the recipient loves foxes!!!

  7. A fox! You have foxes on the brain. I love it! You got a lot done on your retreat.

  8. A blue fox is kinda wiley and very nice. Well done. I have seen some of her other patterns and could become addicted to them if I started on that path.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.