Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Adventures

Once upon a time, there was a little boy that I used to go on adventures with.

Our adventures were to the pool, to the shopping mall, to the farm to see the animals. Later, our adventures included camping trips, ghost walks, and geocaching. In time, we added university student and parent orientation, getting a driver's license, and stupid little things like trips to Costco to to taste the samples. He was much braver then I was, because I never try the Costco samples.

A few years ago, a beautiful princess came into my little boy's life, and soon, she got to go on the adventures, instead of me. Of course, just to drive the little boy crazy, sometimes I take the princess on adventures, and he isn't welcome. We call it "Girl's Night".

Today, a new adventure began for all of us. The little boy and his princess now have a little boy of their own.

I spent all day yesterday and half of today waiting for word that he had arrived. While I was waiting I do what I always do when I have to wait: I knit. Since my little boy was a big fan of Pokemon, when it first came out, I decided that he needed to have his very own pocket monster. So I made a Pikachu baby hat.

Welcome to the world "Jett". Your Nana has been waiting for you. I have some excellent adventures planned for us.


  1. Oh Kate, I am so happy for you, and hope that all is well with the new arrival, his Mum and Dad too. What a lovely wee hat, and no doubt the first of many .Did you see the link at Dolores blog? True Blue Canadian, she writes that Yarn Canada are giving away a lifetime of yarn in a competition. I can see you with all this and more. Hugs from NZ and congratulations.XXX

  2. Congratulations on your new family member! Just thirteen years' time your son will have his very own teenager.

  3. Those are the best adventures. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. Welcome to the World, little one. Your Nana is one very wise Lady.

  4. Oh congratulations!!!!!! (I love the way you wrote this post :)

  5. Congratulations. I take it this is your first?

    1. Yes, our first that isn't a kitten.

  6. Welcome to the world, little guy. Here's to new adventures!!

  7. What a sweet birth announcement! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations, he will bring such joy to you Kate!