Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just One Of Those Weeks

On Sunday, I was greeted by this in my dining room.

This gorgeous hibiscus flower thinks it is in the southern hemisphere. You can see the snow from the window behind it.

On Tuesday, a terrible accident occurred.

This is my two week old tablet. It needs a glass screen, but it is too new to be able to buy one in the after market parts sources. Maybe in another few months. Meanwhile, it is shedding bits of glass, so can't be used.  Having it replaced at the authorized repair places costs nearly twice as much as a new tablet. I have no idea how they can justify that.

So I am actually buying a new tablet. And, I am buying one of these :

A pink drop resistant case, because $27 seems like cheap insurance. It will also make the tablet thicker and easier to hold onto.

I started another Retreat Bag, because I love them. This one has a cat theme.

Hello Kitty, purchased on a whim last year, and some music fabric from my stash, that suited, for the handles, make up the outside.

More kitties for the inside, these are also from my stash. The black and white is from a couple of years ago, and the pocket was in my scraps from too long ago to remember.

I figure I need about another hour to finish the bag. I have a Hot Pink zipper for the top.

I attended three funerals in January, so I have decided to knit three baby sweaters in February. I am hoping that will balance things out. Weird, I know. I have the first one started, but I need to get going or won't get all three finished.


  1. Gorgeous hibiscus.....our neighbour has a bush with huge orange and yellow blooms, quite spectacular! The drop resistant case is a good idea; like you I wonder how 'they' can justify charging so much. That will be a fun bag, I'm looking forward to seeing it! I agree with you on the balance of life, after attending my FIL's funeral DH and I went to visit a friend and her new baby in hospital - and the cycle of life goes on.

  2. It's a bad month for tablets. My nephew spilled juice on his--but luckily a bag of rice fixed it up. Which doesn't help you... I would love to know how they justify that repair charge.

  3. Bright pink and with its own inbuilt insurance, great idea. Funerals, as a life ends another has begun. And seasons show us how nature can be so fickle, but gave you a beautiful bloom to show colour in some sad days.

  4. I winced when I saw your tablet, Kate. Ouch. But your hibiscus is beautiful.