Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away

For the last couple of days, it has been grey and raining. The dogs are tracking in mud. The icy patches have water on them, to make them more slippery. Good days to stay in and hide. Good time to knit!

 The first baby sweater is done, and looking very preppy.

The second is started and will be the reverse of the first. This picture shows the blue a bit better than the first one.

The yarn is a nice soft acrylic/nylon blend. It will wash and dry by machine. However, my house is so dry at the moment, that static is a big problem with this yarn. It seems to attract dog hair out of the air. The scientist in me went looking for a solution. I am trying an experiment.

The yarn is currently being stored in an anti-static bag, the kind used for electronics. When I am not knitting, the sweater goes in there too. I think it is helping, although a regular ziploc bag might have worked as well. If it does work, I'll be asking for some bigger ones at the local computer store.

I made a heart for Valentine's Day.

The pattern is from Bethany's blog. I didn't stuff mine, I kind of like it flat. The yarn is some sock yarn scrap from my stash. Cute, isn't it.

I have a question for the big yarn manufacturers out there (as if they read my blog). Why does this happen?

I was knitting away, cheering Canada at the Olympics, when I felt a lump in my yarn. It was a knot. I had to undo the row, so I could cut out the knot and make a flat join. I pay for good yarn, I expect my skein to be one continuous piece of yarn. This is the second time I have had this happen lately. When it happens in a striping yarn, it messes up the stripe pattern. I ended up paying full price for a ball of yarn that I would consider a second. Could you mark the ball, so I can look for it? Give me a choice on whether I want to use the ball for this project? If this happens in fabric, I expect the store to skip that part of the bolt and give me a continuous piece. Why do we put up with this from yarn companies?

I cannot remember ever finding this in yarn I have bought from a small independent. I suspect if they get this in a skein, they turn the skein into two minis or use them for samples. They don't sell them for full price to their customers.

Okay, rant over.


  1. Awww, your heart came out so cute!!!!!!
    And YEESSSSSS!!!! Knots in yarn, especially the pricey stuff, is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  2. Another yes to knots in yarn, so annoying! I like the little cardigan, and shall remember the anti-static cling idea because it can get quite dry here too.

  3. I hate getting a yarn knot!!! And if I can put it to the end of the row, maybe sort of all right. But definitely seconds.

  4. For those of us who are new at knitting, a knot in the yarn is a huge problem. Hope the yarn companies read your blog, it is a great idea. Have the imperfect balls of yarn labelled for those projects when it will not be a deal breaker!

  5. Knots in yarn are the bane of balls.

    Thanks for linking up with Stitch`n Time.

  6. Knots in yarn drive me absolutely mad. I am very fond of a high end brand of acrylic and buy it whenever I see it.....but it is notorious for knots. I've written the company multiple times but they've never had the courtesy to respond, grrr.