Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Retreat Bag #3

The weather is very February. Some sun, lots of clouds, and snow and freezing rain thrown in, for fun.

This was my bird feeder, the other day.

The snow was on top of ice, and the sun caused enough warming of the metal, for this to happen.

I finished my bag last week.

It was a gift for a special friend.

I worried that Hello, Kitty might be a bit juvenile, but it turns out that it is retro.

More kitties on the inside.

Even lining the zipper pocket. You cannot have too many kitties in one bag! This is Retreat Bag #3 for me, as well as helping to make two others. I still have three frames in my stash, so there will be more.

My three baby sweaters in February is progressing, nicely.

The first one is nearly done.


  1. I really like that lining fabric

  2. Busy Bee. Love the zipper pockets, not too mention all those kitties. Baby sweater is beautiful.

  3. Now the birdfeeder is missing one thing, a squirrel hanging of it....

  4. Lovely bag, zipper pockets are always a bonus, and sweaters, love the two wools together.

  5. Hope the birdies can still get to their seed! What a great bag, it's very fun and I like the peek of colour through the pocket. That's a cute little sweater, is this for the grandkid?

  6. Wow what a cute bag! I'm so impressed when I see something so useful being made. And knitting too! Yes, hasn't February had interesting weather...I'm keeping cleats permanently on my old boots!

  7. You have a lucky firend to receive such a lovely gift.