Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Retreat I

My retreat posts seem to be very popular, so I will repeat these. I am breaking them into 3 posts because I have so many pictures.

I started preparing for retreat days ahead. Leaving things until the last minute doesn't work well for me, and I end up at retreat missing some necessary component or tool.

Bobbins need to be wound, and one must remember to check the bobbin every hour or so, while at retreat. We have all done considerable sewing with no thread in the bobbin and had to repeat the whole thing. Having your bobbins wound ahead makes things go much more smoothly.

As much as possible, I try to cut, fuse and label my projects, kitting them with a picture of the pattern and all the other notions I need to make it. I'll show you later how successful this was.

I arrived Friday, and Saturday morning the weather looked ominous. This was the view from the window of my first room. ( I ended up changing rooms for the second night and the view was the roof of the next building.) However, rainy weather is always good sewing weather. We don't need to step outside at all, since the residence area, dining area and meeting room are all connected.

Maura finished this Alex Anderson inspired top.

Anita was putting together the rows for her quilt.

She had already made these stars.

Lynn was working on a bright version of a BQ quilt. This is BQ 4 , I believe.

Diane was working on a wall hanging based on the book "Points of View".

Margaret as starting a star quilt, but still had a bunch of stars to make.

Kelda finished this top. Didn't catch the name of the pattern.

I have lots more pictures. Check back tomorrow for more.


  1. Gorgeous pics......always so interesting to see what people are making! Especially that landscape hanging, as I have the book but haven't made one yet.

  2. Yes, I did see this, and they are all amazing, a wonderful time to get-together, see what other quilters have, get new ideas and patterns, and join in a quilty fellowship.