Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The weather seems to have settled into spring. We haven't seen a snowflake in a couple of weeks, so maybe it is here to stay.

Spring means that I spent a day, clearing out my sunroom. We were literally shoveling 6 months of dirt and leaves that the dogs had carried in. We can use it again to enjoy the breeze without the bugs. Of course, on Saturday, one of the dogs decided to let himself out by going through the screen. Add the screen to the To Do list.

I finished my Roxy Clutch Wallet.

I love the look and feel of the cork. I considered ordering a frame in gold, but in the end decided to use the one I had, in gun metal. I think it worked well. It isn't as shiny as the gold so it doesn't take away from the sparkle of the cork.

I got all the tiny screws in, and I am looking forward to using it this summer.  My phone even fits.

My quilt group was looking for donations of six inch blocks in Civil War type fabrics. The best I could come up with was some off white and red. It looked okay with the other blocks.

Of course, it is a cat block. It was a free pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

Last week, I started sorting my fabric, in an effort to be able to find things more quickly. It is slow going, as I measure each piece and attach a label. However, I am sure it will make deciding what fabric works for a pattern, much faster. Now, if I can just keep at it.


  1. Lovely bag, the gun metal is a good choice. red and white, and why not a cat.

  2. Love the Rainbow Cork! What a neat idea. So very glad the warmer weather is here for the next six months.

  3. That's a lovely bag! I did that idea with the measuring and lebelling, but only on pieces a metre or more.