Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spring Retreat III - My Projects

I started my retreat weekend with what I thought would be a quick and simple project. I had a kit for a little block for Quilts of Valour. I opened it, and was surprised that I seemed to have an extra piece of fabric. I started cutting and discovered that I didn't have enough fabric to make the block. I am not sure what happened, but lacking any other fabric to supplement that kit, I just tucked it back into my bag.

So, instead, I made this top.

I did it following the technique for the Jelly Roll Race quilt, but used strips 4.5" by 22". It needs a border. I don't think I have anything that will work in my stash, so I might have to go shopping.

Saturday morning, I started on my major project for the weekend. I made a Roxy clutch.  I had the frame for awhile, and decided the time was now. I found the perfect piece of cork fabric, for the outside, while shopping for something else, of course.

Bright, cheerful, and very much my style.

I still need to attach the frame, but I got most of the work done.

I had the batik in my stash, and it looked like the perfect lining for the cork.

At the last retreat I made this case for my tablet, using some wonderful Tula Pink fabric. It was an envelope style clutch.

After my terrible tablet accident,  my tablet, with it's heavy duty cover, no longer fit into the case. I couldn't bear to waste that lovely fabric, so I had to do some alterations.

I removed the binding, added a pocket for the tablet, and replaced the binding with a longer one. After repositioning  the velcro, I have a new cozy for my tablet.

Finally, I made another Bendy bag.

It didn't come home with me, because its new owner became clear, while at retreat. I gave it to a friend who needed something to keep her cords and chargers in. The fabric is left over from my brief Oriental period.

Just before I left, I finished a pair of socks that I think had been on the needles for nearly a year. I know I took them to Victoria with me, last June.

Not sure if anyone needs wool socks now, but I sent them to their intended owner.

Spring seems to finally arrived. I found these little micro daffodils in my yard. I added the tennis ball to give you an idea of scale. They are just so tiny and so cheery.


  1. Rainbow cork. That is beautiful. All those project's look amazing, the best feeling in the world, getting them all done!

  2. That certainly is a teeny little daffodilly! Wow, you have been productive.....well done. I like the bags.

  3. I transplanted a bunch of my tiny daffodils last fall. Looking forward to seeing them up near the house. No flowers yet.
    My S.I.L. was given a quilt from Quilts of Valour. Daughter and I are hoping to do one up to pass along to them this summer.

  4. You are so productive on your getaways!! I would get nothing done because I am to much of a busy-body.

  5. Busy weekend! I like the Roxy clutch and the transformation of your tablet case. xx

  6. Cork fabric is new to me. Wish I could touch it! It's beautiful.

  7. Wow! You really had a productive weekend! Love the bamboo fabric, and how your case turned out.

  8. That cork fabric is lovely. seeing all your finishes is so inspiring.
    Thank for linking up with Stitch'n Time.

  9. I love your cork fabric purse, so unique! I also made alittle carrier for my Ipda pro, I must write a post on it!