Friday, April 3, 2020


Today, I am working on having faith that we will all get through this and come safely out the other side. So, I will show you my acts of faith, for today.

I purchased an update to my Corel photo software, some time ago. I had a really hard time getting it installed, their problem, not mine, so I kind of left it and continued using the old version. Today, I opened it up and used it to process my pictures for the blog. Surprise! After I spent about an hour learning how to use the new features, it is so much easier and quicker that how I was doing it before. I think I still need to practice a bit more, but I learned something new!

Yesterday, I cut branches from my forsythia bush. I bought the bush when it was tiny, about 30 years ago. The poor thing has had a hard life. It has survived ice storms, extreme cold, and even having the city dig it up to fix the water main. It is a symbol to me for how adversity only makes you stronger. Each year, just before Easter, I bring branches in and force them. It has never failed, although it looks questionable, today.

I have been doing a lot of knitting.

I started my Flotini shawl, just as we started staying home. It is easy knitting for TV viewing. it will be perfect for spring evenings.

There will be a lot of ends to weave in, but it is looking very good so far. Not bad for a stash dive.

My friend Cheryl, (aka Grandma Coco), asked if I would be be interested in knitting the Bellevue Mittens. She asked the designer if the pattern could be used as a fundraiser for the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Rescue. I am behind the other knitters, but I don't think we will need mittens much more before October. This is my second try, since the first try went very wrong, very early.  The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma, found hiding in my stash. Of course, it is purple.

Finally, like millions of others, around the world, I am trying to grow my own sourdough starter.

It is kind of like having a fish tank. You feed it every day, and watch to see if it is doing anything. We had signs of life today, bubbles! We might get bread in a couple more weeks.


  1. Down here a friend is also making sourdough bread, however flour is in really short supply, guess so many of us are turning to home made for lots of things. Love the mittens, super yarn you are using.

  2. Well done on learning new stuff! I have had a few new 'learns' too. I am wondering if the current plague is making many people turn to baking? Even so, it doesn't (to my mind) explain why flour shelves are empty.

  3. You're doing sourdough too? I have a young one in the fridge, born last year as I've thrown away my old starters. The bread I bake with it tastes okay but not great. And I'm so picky about the taste of bread so I'm quite disappointed.

  4. Good luck with your sourdough! I've been baking with mine, too. I love the colour of your Bellevue Mittens! Take care!