Monday, April 27, 2020

Is it Spring, Yet?

We woke up two mornings, last week, to snow. I'm seriously over winter. I want to sit in my sunroom and knit, but it is still too cold. We are still in self isolation, with no news of any loosening of the restrictions. I miss my time with friends and family. Video just isn't the same. So, I guess I need to find more things I can control.

The sourdough experiments continue.

Pizza was less than successful. The crust was way too thin.

Raisin buns were much better. I made a half batch, so we didn't have to eat them all week.

I decided that I needed to finish this pair of socks.

I have the first sock finished and the second one is just at the heel, so they should be done in a few more days. More Turtlepurl Yarn.

And as a hopeful sign, the hepatica in the front garden is in flower.

I need a new sewing project, I think.

This week, I had to say good bye to Dolly Dog. She has been my companion and sewing room supervisor for 16 years.

This was from an adventure we took to the East Coast.


  1. Amongst all the virus restrictions, saying goodbye is the hardest to cope with, Your darling girl, so missed, sending a heap of love for you right now, and hope those happy memories will give your heart some much needed reminders that love is always there, maybe unseen, and those of us who have a cat or dog or other, will know this sadness. XXXX from a sunshiny day down here.

  2. So sorry to hear about Dolly Dog, we've been there, and it's never a good time. We're just taking it day by day, trying to let go of what we can't control - which is quite a lot.

  3. I hope you get some sun soon. Unlike you, I'm able to go out for essentials which I keep to a minimum. Still it is suffocating. The fear and worrying - it gets to you. The increasing no of cases in Sg scares me. I don't know when it'll go down. The uncertainty is what's killing me. My son is taking an exam right now. It's the last before his break. Of course, the site crashed a bit.

  4. Dolly Dog you rock! We know the feeling, lockdown here in South Africa is now going from stage 5 to stage 4 on the 1st of May. Three more stages to go, before we can travel home to self quarantine for two weeks. The socks are very bright colours. Baking can be interesting in times of need with sourdough culture's. It will be good for the world to go back to a more normal level.

  5. So sorry about your dog. It is hard to say goodbye.
    I find my ambition went into seclusion. I hope this sweater and a pair of socks is finished by winter!