Friday, April 17, 2020

Week Five of Social Distancing

Other than walking trips in my neighbourhood, I have been at home for over a month, now.

On a short walk this morning, I saw this fellow social distancing, too. I loved the contrast between the cardinal and the branches.

A classic sign of spring around here is a robin. This one seems rather plump. I expect there will be babies, before too long.

Last fall, my grandson and his grandad planted some crocus.

They are popping up all over in my yard, now.

I finished the family taxes, and my clutch bag, this week. The taxes just look boring.

The bag is lots more fun. It is tiny, so was more difficult than I expected. I think I might try the bigger size next.

This is the bag, with my phone beside it. I used two fat quarters from my stash, as well as stash hardware. I may need a hardware order, before long. I think I will make a list of some bags I would like to make, and check my hardware stock to see what I might need.

The bag is called Carol, by Sincerely, Jen Pattern Company. 

The hardware is Emmaline Bags, and the zipper tape is from Blue Calla Patterns.

And the cell phone does fit!


  1. It is a fun bag! Love the crocuses, do they only come in purple? A colour mix would be pretty. Nice to see the birds around too.

  2. Busy bee! The bag looks great, so do the cardinal. Looking forward to seeing all your new bags.

  3. We're only at Day 12 and already I feel suffocated. I rarely go out, not even to exercise because the places we're allowed to go to are packed with people. I'm staying sane with exploring knitting, something I've always wanted to master.

  4. Love your bag, just right to cheer things up a bit! We had some lovely crocuses too, but their moment has passed now that it's got warmer.

  5. Cardinals are just so beautiful! I live in the Southwest part of Texas and we have desert cardinals here called "Pyrrhuloxia". They are mostly gray but have the beautiful red crest and bits of red throughout. Love your "Love" bag. What a nice little project and so useful too!